When the Dark Side Loves Dogs

I love superheroes, especially when they are helping dogs. So, when I discovered Dog Vader, I was intrigued. I had to find out what Dog Vader was, so I did what all nosy dogs do and asked. “Dog Vader is my pseudonym on social media. Through my art I seek to encourage dog adoption and responsible ownership, and incidentally, have a great time. “Dog Vader” emerges as a mixture of “Dog” and “Darth Vader”, my favorite character from Star Wars, one of my favorite film sagas.”

This is certainly something all humans will know about if they live with dogs. “Don’t go making noise I’m on a video call” – My dogs.,,

OK, I’ll admit it, Darth Vader is not my favourite Star Wars character, Chewbacca is. I feel connected to him because, like me, he’s loyal, brave, and, well, fuzzy. I wonder if he had a quick trip to the groomer, had a little trim, if he wouldn’t look like one of my distant relatives. The thought of a Dog Vader is fascinating though, especially as he is producing the coolest graphic art pieces that all promote animal welfare and sterilisation. I used my highly honed tracking skills to discover the human behind the art and it turns out that even though he loves a character from the dark side, the force of good is most definitely within him.

Axel, Luke & Nymeria. The team behind Dog Vader.

Dog Vader’s real name is Axel and he has adopted two gorgeous dogs, Luke and Nymeria. I do notice quite a trend in these dog names and I’m starting to wonder about why my humans named me Rodders. Enough about me though. I wanted to find out all about Dog Vader.

I love Dog Vader’s art. He thoughtfully designs pieces that are reflective of current events, local news, or popular culture, that provide a message about dog welfare. I wondered why Axel found creative inspiration in animal protection. “The adoption of my 2 puppies, and the sad panorama of Mexico in the face of animal abandonment motivated me to focus my social networks to promote adoption.”  For Dog Vader, this is a labour of love. “I hope to raise awareness of the problems faced by millions of homeless dogs, and adoption as one of the solutions to the problem.”

“I go everywhere with my dog ​​because it is my family, and families do not abandon each other” This is a famous character, Dominic Toretto, from Fast & Furious, played by Van Diesel. One of the character’s famous quotes is, “You don’t turn your back on family, even when they do.”

When you see Dog Vader’s pawsome original t-shirts, you’re going to want one. And, if you do buy one, not only are you supporting a young Mexican artist, but you are enabling him to keep spreading these important messages through his work. If you love dogs and you want street cred, these are the designs to be seen in. Axel let me in on a little secret too. “I would like to collaborate with a shelter to carry out a campaign, at some point.” I can see something incredible coming together here and as soon as I have news, you know me, I’ll be here to bark at you about it.

This is my favourite. It says “Pick up your dog’s shit, please”. An important message for all humans.

My last question to Dog Vader was not a trick question. “Do you think I am the most handsome dog you have ever seen?” His answer left me thinking. “A ladykiller.” I won’t take that literally. What I’d really like to say is check out Dog Vader. Read his important messages. Use Google Translate if you are a human and don’t speak Spanish. The messages are important and should be shared. I’m a huge Dog Vader fan and I hope, now that you’ve read this article, you will be too!

I loved chatting to Axel and send boops to Luke and Nymeria. 



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“Because all lives count”. This image shows the recent rescue of two dogs who had fallen into a giant sinkhole in Puebla. There was a national outcry for their rescue and true to form, the firefighters came through and rescued them.


  1. Es genial la forma en que dog vader promuebe la responsabilidad y compromiso que es tener un perro como mascota. Me encanta!


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