Boop Puppy Training

Private one on one puppy training courses

Taught in an enclosed garden with plenty of toys and fun things to do, owners learn how to effectively and humanely teach their puppy exactly what they want them to do. This course is designed for pet owners. We focus on good behaviour rather than strict obedience. 

Subjects covered include:

• How to have a calm and manageable dog that you can take wherever you go

• How to have a dog that is happy to follow your house rules

• How to deal with puppy biting

• Housetraining

• How to walk beside you on a loose lead

• How to come back when called

• Basic puppy husbandry

Online coaching for basic puppy behaviour management

Virtual sessions via Zoom where you can get professional guidance and support with basic puppy behaviours that are inappropriate, inconvenient, or undesirable.

Subjects covered include:

• House training

• Destructive behaviour

• Puppy biting

• Inappropriate attention seeking

• Jumping up

• Any other behaviours you would like support with

One on one rescue dog courses

Some rescue dogs come with trauma and baggage. This normally results in behaviours that are centred in their fears. We offer specialist courses designed to help you build a strong relationship with your rescue dog based on trust and confidence building. This is not an obedience course. 

All dogs are assessed individually and a course is designed to meet their needs providing you with knowledge and understanding that will help you continue working with your dog long after the course is complete. 

We offer special discounts for dogs referred to us through recognised rehoming organisations in Merida.

Who is Boop!

Colette started working as a professional puppy trainer in 1991 while she was working on her psychology degree in London. Her studies led her to focus on the relationships between people and their pets and she eventually became a member of board of directors for the Society for Companion Animal Studies.

She started one of the first puppy schools of its kind in the UK with her mentor and colleague, Dr. Anne McBride, author, animal behaviourist, and senior lecturer in the field of Applied Animal Behaviour and Human-Animal Interactions at Southampton University. The puppy school served the veterinary practice of Dr. Bruce Fogle, a well known writer on dogs and cats. They developed positive, fun, motivational and effective ways to teach puppy owners how to have a great relationship with their pet.

This class became a huge success, eventually serving seven veterinary practices throughout London. It also provided the opportunity for many trainers to study and learn skills that would carry them on to successful lives working with animals professionally.

Colette became the head of behaviour and welfare for Dogs Trust, the largest UK dog welfare organisation, starting their groundbreaking nationwide network of animal welfare advisors and establishing new protocols for the enrichment of dogs living in kennel environments. 

Colette went on to have a thriving dog behaviour practice with many high-profile clients such as Lulu, the singer, Graham Norton, film director Sam Taylor Wood, model Tamara Ecclestone, Mohammed el Fayed (owner of Harrods), and designer Alexander McQueen. 

There were many others over the years and as a result she often appeared in magazines, on television, and in newspapers. She went on to co present the popular BBC1 show Test Your Pet as one of the two pet behaviour specialists. 

Throughout her career, she was an assessor for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and Pets as Therapy, a full member of the UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists, and an associate member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counselors. 

Colette taught dog trainers, vets, animal welfare and law enforcement officers, lawyers, and others involved in animal care internationally. She was also an expert to the courts in dangerous and fighting dogs.

After all of that, she retired and moved to Belize and started writing. 15 years later, she moved to Merida, where she felt the pull to return to puppy training. 

If you’re looking for someone with decades of experience, who will never ask you to do anything that will hurt or frighten your puppy, who doesn’t believe that dominating dogs leads to a relationship based on trust, and who wants to share her knowledge and skills with you so that you can help your puppy learn how to please you, please do get in touch by getting in touch.

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