Parque Aleman

Parque Aleman is a very popular park for humans and dogs in Colonia Aleman, Merida.  It has something for everyone which is why it is so popular and special. 

There are plenty of trees and grass areas for dogs to sniff and leave peemail. There is a dog poop bin so you can easily clean up after your dog. 

There is a recycling centre so your humans can drop off the things they will not let you chew. 

There is a big space which is concrete and smooth. Children play there, skaters, practice there, and sometimes there are classes there so humans can get some exercise. Humans also exercise by walking around the outside of the park and often they have dogs with them. That way we all can keep fit. Afterwards, you can sit at one of the tables and benches, and share tacos with your dog. There are all kinds of places to eat there.

Speaking of keeping fit, there are all kinds of human exercise equipment in the park and there is even a special area for skateboarding humans. I suppose skateboarding dogs could go there too, but I am not one of them. I think they are very cool though.

There is a fairground with rides for small humans. I like to play there, but I am not allowed on the rides. 

There are also fountains and these are near the shade, so they are very nice to sit by. There is a special area for children to play where no pets are allowed. 

In the evening the park gets very busy and fills with food stands and fun things for the whole family to do.

The humans who use Parque Aleman tend to be people who live in the area, but they do not mind visitors as long as they respect the rules. Everyone has to share this space, so it is important to be considerate. That’s why I’ve written these handy tips for using pet friendly parks.

Sir Rodders’ Top Tips for Walking in Public Parks

  • Your humans should always keep you on the lead in a public park. Not only is it safer for you and everyone else but it is the law. 
  • Your humans must pick up any poops you do. 
  • Your humans should not let you bother other dogs or humans unless everyone agrees. Some dogs are scared of other dogs and some humans are scared of dogs. 
  • Your humans should make sure you are fully vaccinated and wormed before taking you to the park. This will keep you and everyone else safe and healthy. 
  • Your humans should keep a careful eye out in case you pick up something you should not eat. 
  • On hot days your humans should give you plenty of shade and have cold fresh water and a bowl for you. It is better to walk before 10 am and after 3 pm.
  • Make sure your humans read the signs in the park and follow the rules. 

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