My name is Sir Rodders. Welcome to my blog. I’d love to tell you a little bit about myself.

I was just a poor puppy in CDMX, who walked barefoot in the snow to collect firewood. 

Of course not. Well, maybe so. No one knows. 

My story starts where humans have recorded it and that is when I was found on the streets of Mexico City.  You may not know this but there are millions of dogs, just like me, who live on the streets of Mexico. There just aren’t enough shelters or homes for all of us, so for most homeless dogs, street life is the only life they’ll ever know. There are a lot of nice humans who try to give us food and water and keep us as healthy as possible. That was how I was making my living. But then, I got hurt and a kind human decided I had to come off the streets to be taken care of. 

I’m very large and it was expensive for rescuers to care for me, so they called in the help of a group called Save a Dane. Even though I’m a cross breed, they still wanted to help me. They put a photo of me on Facebook and that’s when one of my human family saw me and fell in love. I don’t blame her. I am a very handsome fellow.

After they adopted me, it was discovered that I had a terrible disease called Canine Transmissible Veneral Tumour (CTVT). This is a kind of cancer and I had to go through chemotherapy for two months. I was getting better and stronger, but I kept having times when I couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain. My humans put me in a machine called a CAT scan. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to be in anything called ‘CAT’, but they gave me drugs and I didn’t even know what was going on until it was all over. I had an infection in my vertebrae.

So, this meant more medicine and physiotherapy. I liked the physiotherapy very much.

Now I’m back to health and ready to go and that’s why I’ve started this blog. I’ve appointed myself your official ambassador to everything pet friendly in Yucatan. I plan to explore the area and report on places where they allow humans to bring their dog family with them. I’ll also be sharing news about things happening for dogs in Yucatan, Mexico, and even the whole world.

So, if you love dogs, love Yucatan, or just want to find out more about Mexico, I would like to invite you to follow my adventures.