Hacienda Sac Chich

My humans take me on adventures whenever they can and this was a special one. We went to visit the quite special and very pet friendly Hacienda Sac Chich. It is in Acanceh, Yucatan, which is a small village about thirty minutes south of Merida. 

The hacienda was once a place where humans made sisal, which is a fibre that was turned into rope. It is what made Yucatan famous and wealthy in the 18th and 19th centuries. It does not make rope anymore. Now it is a gorgeous place for humans to have a tranquil and fabulous holiday. Best part of all is they can bring their dog along. They say that they know that pets are family members too. 

So, I would like to tell you about the Hacienda from my perspective. My favourite part of all is the gigantic lawn which stretches out towards the very private and stunning, architecturally designed Casa Sisal. It is lined with palm trees and big enough for me to be able to chase a ball for a long time. 

Casa Sisal is what humans like to call chic. It is a very modern design with lots of windows. I like this design very much because it means that dogs can keep an eye on their humans even if they are outside. We love to know where you are at all times. The good thing is that even though your dog can spy on you, no one else can because it is set away from the rest of the property and is very private.

It has an infinity pool and is surrounded by pretty lily ponds. I did not see any frogs on the lilies though. I did see some iguanas basking on the tall walls that surround the property. My humans said I could not chase them. I am a good boy, so I did not. I did think about it all day though.

It is a very comfortable casa with air conditioning so that I can lie down on the cool tiles when it gets too hot outside. It has pretty much all of the things you could imagine you would need in a holiday home and it sleeps six whole humans.

After we played in the grass, I went for some rest in the shade at the Loggia. This is part of the area called Casa de Maquinas. These are where the original buildings are and they feature pieces of equipment from when the hacienda was processing agave for the sisal fibre. In this area there are two casas, Casa Vieja and Casa Nueva.

The Loggia is a very cozy but incredibly spacious covered living and dining area between the two casas. It has sofas, tables, chairs, hammocks, and even a fireplace for chilly evenings. You might not believe we have them here, but in winter there can definitely be some chilly nights. I would love to get the chance to lay in front of that fireplace one evening, listening to the sounds of the jungle around me. I would like some tacos while I am lying there too, but that is another story.

For humans who really want to enjoy the natural outdoor experience at the hacienda, they have a tall spiral staircase that goes up high to a star viewing platform and rooftop lounge. I do not think I would want to climb up there, but humans enjoy those things. I can just like on my back while someone scratches my tummy and look at the stars that way.

The two houses are very oldy worldy with antique furniture, and interesting décor. They also have everything you need, proper Mexican kitchens, and air conditioning for those sultry Yucatan summer days. They have pools to chill in and there is even a bathroom in one of the original water towers.

The gardens are quite fantastical and a fun place to play. You will find all sorts of interesting things and places to investigate. I loved sticking my nose into everything, having a good sniff and imagining what dogs used to do here hundreds of years ago.

The local village is small but interesting. It even has Maya temple right in the middle of it. It is definitely worth checking out. I did! I also loved the managers. They love dogs too and they made sure to let me know how handsome they thought I was. They live on site and are there to help dogs and humans with anything they might need.

I give all four paws up to Hacienda Sac Chich. If you want to take your humans on a pretty magical adventure, this is the place to go.

To find out more about Sac Chich:




Telephone: +52 999 278 1178

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