For a Pet Friendly Drink (and Delicious Comfort Food) Think Zinc!

I have accepted the mission and I’m on the job to sniff out all the best pet friendly places to take humans in Yucatan. So many of you suggested that we try Zinc Comfort Food, we just had to head down there and check it out. It is, after all, on one of my favourite streets, the gorgeous Paseo de Montejo. Surrounded by colonial mansions, and watching the world go by, I almost felt like a European dog. 

As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by a very friendly and kind waiter. He showed us to our table in a nice quiet corner on their street side patio, he brought me a bowl of water. Luckily, it there was a lovely breeze yesterday, so I wasn’t too hot, but I was so happy that he was thinking about my comfort. Zinc may specialise in comfort food, but as a pet friendly restaurant, it seems they extend that care to all of their guests, even the four-footed ones. It made my heart warm and my tail wag.

The patio area is a perfect place for dogs who bring their humans to dine. There is a lot of shade from the pretty bamboo and other plants, and they put up umbrellas to make sure that everyone stays shady and comfortable. I had plenty of room to sniff around and choose my favourite spot to lie down while my humans looked over the menu.

The owners of Zinc are French and one of them came out to give me a cuddle. She loves dogs. Her name was Sophie and she explained to my humans that they very much wanted to open a restaurant that was pet friendly because when they looked for pet friendly places to visit with their own dog, they had found it difficult. So, they chose their location with that in mind, and it shows. The outside area is on two levels. At the top is their raised patio, and down below, they have chairs and tables laid out in a gravel covered garden-like space. If you enjoy people watching, it’s a lovely spot to have a cool drink and spend a relaxing afternoon with your dog. I even got to do some dog watching and saw a very pretty black and tan German shepherd pass by. Sadly, she didn’t give me a second glance even though I was looking especially handsome.

Anyway, getting back to Zinc. My humans loved the menu, which had something for everyone. Whether you are a carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian or vegan, there are delicious things for you to eat. They specialise in crepes. They also offer some excellent local beers in case you are a bit of a connoisseur. One of my humans had the fried chicken dish with mac n cheese and cole slaw, and the other had the creamy seafood stew. Afterwards they treated themselves to a chocolate tart with coconut ice cream. They seemed to like it a little bit too much from the strange sounds they were making. 

My humans claim that they felt very comforted and satisfied by their meals. One of my humans is half French and said that that her meal reminded her of her mother’s cooking. So, if you have humans who like to have a happy and full tummy, enjoy European style food, or just good old comfort food with a gourmet twist, in a lovely location where you’ll feel welcome and appreciated in all your doggyness, then take them to Zinc. Make sure to make a reservation if you’re bringing your humans so that you can get your paws on the best pet friendly table.

Zinc Comfort Food


Contact: +52 999 219 1247



Paseo Montejo, 496 x 43 y 45,

Centro, Merida, Yucatan

Sir Rodders’ Top Tips for Visiting Pet Friendly Places Where Humans Eat and Drink

  • Always make sure that the place is pet friendly and that there is a place for you before you go. Some places have limited tables that are pet friendly, so reservations may be necessary.
  • Your humans should only bring you to a pet friendly restaurant, pub, or bar if you are well socialised and trained. If you need some help with this, check out my ‘services’ section and talk to a professional. 
  • If you are aggressive towards or scared of dogs or people, please stay home. If something happens because you freak out, you might ruin it for the rest of us.
  • Make sure your humans keep you on the leash.
  • Make sure your humans bring along a bowl for your water.
  • Do not beg from other tables. Their food may look delicious, but they probably will not want to share with you.
  • Make sure your humans give you breaks.
  • If you do not like a lot of noise, make sure your humans do not take you when live music is playing.
  • Make sure your humans do not tie you to a chair or table. If something happens that makes you move, you may turn everything over and make a mess. 
  • Even if you love children, it is a good idea not to sit close to them in a restaurant to keep you and them safe.
  • If you are older or are more comfortable with a bed, make sure your humans bring a blanket for you to lie on.
  • Of course, any mess you make must be cleaned up immediately.
  • Tell your humans to tip well.

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