Chen Ho Archaeological Park in Merida

I love studying human history. You all are so interesting and us dogs have a very long relationship with you. In fact, some ‘dogsperts’ even think we domesticated you, not the other way around.

Even though many archaeological sites in Yucatan are not pet friendly, there are a few that allow geeky dogs like me, who like to sniff out the human past, to visit. Luckily, my beautiful girlfriend, rescued boxer, Grace, got in touch to tell me about a pet friendly archaeological site right here in Merida. It is in Parque Recreativo de Oriente and it is called Chen Ho. 

Chen Ho is a pawtastic and interesting site. You can walk around and enjoy the natural surroundings while viewing the nine structures located there. Chen Ho, from our research, can be translated to mean ‘Well of Merida’. There is a 1000 year old well on the site, which may be one of the reasons it has this name. Chen Ho is older than Chichén Itzá or Uxmal. Did you know that the area, where the city of Merida was built in around 1542, was a Maya city called T’Hó ? 

The park is a very popular location and many families are there, cycling, playing, and walking their dogs. It is important to know that while humans are allowed to climb some of the structures, dogs are not allowed to. We didn’t know that and a nice park warden came and explained to my humans. I do not mind. I am too lazy to climb anyway.

On the site you will find a kiln, which was once used to make ceramics and a location where there were offerings made and two burials. Like many other Maya sites, it has been built so that there is an alignment between the main pyramid and the sun.

It is wonderful that there is this interesting archaeological site right in Merida, which is free to enjoy for everyone, including us dogs. So, if you’re looking for an extra special place to spend some fun time with your humans, take them to see Chen Ho. The park is much bigger than just the archaeological site, so once you’ve studied human history, you can wander around and check out some of the other areas. There was a dog training section, but it was a little bit busy when we visited. I may go back and check it out another day.

Sir Rodders’ Top Tips for Walking in Public Parks

  • Your humans should always keep you on the lead in a public park. Not only is it safer for you and everyone else but it is the law. Sometimes it may look like I don’t have my lead on, but that is the magic of editing.
  • Your humans must pick up any poops you do. 
  • Your humans should not let you bother other dogs or humans unless everyone agrees. Some dogs are scared of other dogs and some humans are scared of dogs. 
  • Your humans should make sure you are fully vaccinated and wormed before taking you to the park. This will keep you and everyone else safe and healthy. 
  • Your humans should keep a careful eye out in case you pick up something you should not eat. 
  • On hot days your humans should give you plenty of shade and have cold fresh water and a bowl for you. It is better to walk before 10 am and after 3 pm.
  • Make sure your humans read the signs in the park and follow the rules. 

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