Pet Friendlea and on the Sea –  Almadia

When my humans suggested that we go to Almadia, they told me it was a seafood restaurant. Of course, I thought they said we were going to ‘see food’. When they explained that it was on the seafront, I put on my sunglasses, packed my beach bag, and hopped into the backseat of the Roddersmobile (AKA the car). After all, finding the best pet friendly restaurants in Yucatan is my superpower.

Almadia is what my humans would call fancy. I would call it smart casual. My humans are more casual than smart, so for them that means fancy. I do not think that the restaurant cares much how you dress, as long as you are wearing clothes – if you’re a human. I went for smart nude. That is how I roll.

Almadia has a prime position on the Malecon in Progreso and if you opt to eat on their large, covered, outdoor terrace restaurant area, you have a splendid sea view. There are tables and chairs in the lower area, also with a pretty view that are pet friendly.

We went at 4.30 in the afternoon. That way it would not be too busy and we could relax and take our time. We opted for a quiet spot around the side because, well, we picked an awkward day for views. It was the day they decided to repave the Malecon. A perfect day for people who love heavy machinery though. Vroom Vroom!

That did not put us off one bit. Every area of the restaurant is gorgeous and the area we sat in was shaded by trees and surrounded with greenery. Behind us was the quite elegant building that houses the indoor part of the restaurant. Where we sat, it had a cool breeze. The seafront vibe meant it was sandy and comfortable for me to lay down. All the waiters came out to set eyes on my handsomeness and once they were not quite so star struck, they came right over and offered me a bowl of water. My humans preferred to have beer and margaritas. 

As my humans wanted sea food and I wanted to see food, we compromised. They had a ceviche, which they said was one of the most delicious ceviches they’ve ever eaten. They tried to talk the waiters into sharing the secret recipe, but let’s just say it remains a mystery. They also had some guacamole. I did not share either of those dishes with them because I was waiting for the important part – the steak. That was my part of the deal. I don’t work for free, you know.

Almadia may be a seafood restaurant but they also serve a quite stupendous steak and I can tell you that from personal tasting experience. It was brought to the table on a sizzling griddle and came with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Pretty dramatic and very scrumptious. My humans had to blow on my bites to cool them down for my discreet consumption. I try not to give them a bad reputation for sharing their food with me.

There is an indoor part of the restaurant, which is in a beautiful building and, I was told by my human, very snazzy. One of them even took a photo of the banos, because she said they were so lovely. Humans are weird.

Almadia is open for lunch and dinner, so if you are looking for a special place for a date with your furriest friend, this is a pretty hot spot. There is plenty of room, it is right on the seafront, the food is fantastic, and the service is very attentive but not intrusive.

Whether you want to indulge in an impressive range of fresh seafood appetizers and some cocktails to spend the afternoon hanging out with your pup, or even another human, or if you are looking for a satisfying and mouthwatering meal, Almadia may be just for you. Just make sure that your humans make a reservation, so they can welcome you and treat you like the dog god/goddess that you truly are.



Contact: 969 688 2075

WhatsApp: 999 328 2393



Calle 19 #138

Boulevard Turístico

Malecón, Progreso


Sir Rodders’ Top Tips for Visiting Pet Friendly Places where Humans Eat and Drink

  • Always make sure that the place is pet friendly and that there is a place for you before you go. Some places have limited tables that are pet friendly, so reservations may be necessary.
  • Your humans should only bring you to a pet friendly restaurant, pub, or bar if you are well socialised and trained. If you need some help with this, check out my ‘services’ section and talk to a professional. 
  • If you are aggressive towards or scared of dogs or people, please stay home. If something happens because you freak out, you might ruin it for the rest of us.
  • Make sure your humans keep you on the leash.
  • Make sure your humans bring along a bowl for your water.
  • Do not beg from other tables. Their food may look delicious, but they probably will not want to share with you.
  • Make sure your humans give you breaks.
  • If you do not like a lot of noise, make sure your humans do not take you when live music is playing.
  • Make sure your humans do not tie you to a chair or table. If something happens that makes you move, you may turn everything over and make a mess. 
  • Even if you love children, it is a good idea not to sit close to them in a restaurant to keep you and them safe.
  • If you are older or are more comfortable with a bed, make sure your humans bring a blanket for you to lie on.
  • Of course, any mess you make must be cleaned up immediately.
  • Tell your humans to tip well.

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