I Had My Cake and Ate it Too! Sniffing Out a Specialist Bakery for Pets

When my human said I was going to have some cake, I had no idea what she had in store for me.  My humans go to the bakery and they sometimes even have cake. For some reason, these are treats they never share with me. They always tell me that it has dangerous ingredients. I think it’s a conspiracy so that they get to eat all the cake. That’s why I was super surprised when she told me that this cake was being made especially for me.  I had no idea that you can get cakes that are safe and healthy for dogs. Well, I learned differently and oh my dog, was it delicious.

We headed out to one of my favourite haunts in Merida, Parque Aleman, to meet with Mabel Cisneros and learn about her Yucatecan artisan pet treats business called Niich Peek. If you don’t know already, ‘peek’, or ‘pe’ek’ is the Maya word for dog. Mabel explained the meaning of the name. “Niich Peek means like ‘Chachito de perro’, or, ‘tiny Dog’.”  Mabel started the business in 2016 and her intention was to help people to understand that pets are part of the family and that their years should also be celebrated. Mabel is passionate about her work. She feels it’s important for animal lovers to collaborate and work together to promote responsible pet ownership.  “I firmly believe that together we can fight to combat the abused animal, promote sterilization and adoption, this project fills my heart when I meet families that make their pets are part of them, that is Niich Peek, that is our life goal, make people and families become part of them, respecting their life and celebrating the joy that they are with us at home.”

A hat? Where’s the party???

Her love for dogs made me love her right back. I also loved how she smelled. Well, more to the point, I loved how the box she had with her smelled. I wondered if that could be the cake? It didn’t smell like any cake my humans ever bring home. It was much more delicious smelling. Mabel explained that she works with a team that includes a veterinarian and a veterinary nutritionist when developing her recipes. That way she can make sure that her gourmet cakes are not only delicious, but also nutritious. All of her cakes are made to the individual needs of the animal and takes into account any special nutritional needs or allergies they may have. Mabel explained how much care she takes when making cakes and treats for her client’s pets. “Our products are completely organic, free of flours, chemicals, sugars, salts and everything that puts the health of furries at risk, for this reason we have a specialised team to be able to carefully comply with each ingredient when making a product.”

I need to have Mabel as my personal chef! She gave me such a surprise with my very own cake.

I know that my health and nutrition are important but c’mon humans. Enough with the chatty stuff. If you were a dog, you would have just sniffed each other’s bums and be done with it. I need to see this cake. Even more importantly, I need to taste this cake. I promise that I used my indoor voice when communicating this all to the humans and finally they got the message. They even gave me a nifty little hat. I mean, I’m a cool dude, but with this hat, I take cool to another level.

It turns out that my human and Mabel, from Niich Peek, wanted to show everyone how important I am. Silly really. As if I didn’t know already. Never mind. I still got cake. That’s why it said ‘Happy Gotcha Day!’ on it. If you didn’t know, I’m adopted, so I don’t have a birthday. Don’t get me wrong. I was actually born, so technically, I do have a birthday, but since no humans know when it is, I have a ‘Gotcha Day!’ instead, and Gotcha Days are even more special than birthdays. A Gotcha Day is something that only rescued dogs can have. It’s a very important celebration and it made my tail wag so hard to know that Niich Peek understand that and want people who adopt dogs to celebrate their special days with cake too.

Do you have a Birthday or a Gotcha Day?

So, let’s get to the cake. It took me a little while to work out that I could just munch on it. Once I did, I felt like I was wearing butterfly wings and drinking the nectar of the finest taco. It was that dreamy. My human saw how much I loved the cake and asked Mabel what her secret ingredient was. “Our main and most important ingredient is to do it with love, always with a lot of love for them.”

Niich Peek make all sorts of treats and goodies for pets. In fact, they are the go-to place for anyone who wants to celebrate their pet, or help a friend celebrate. They make cupcakes, ice cream, dehydrated beef liver, lamb liver, and chicken treats. They also put together gorgeous seasonal boxes. Imagine what cool gifts those would make for Christmas. Especially for me. Niich Peek have all the decorations and accessories you might need for a pet party. I love these humans and hope you do too. Now back to my cake. Nom! Nom! Nom!

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