Fame, Friends & Floof – New Sir Rodders Stickers and More from Kalai

You may or may not know (if you are a ‘may not’ where have you been?), I had the first few moments of my fifteen minutes of fame recently. One of my photos went kind of viral in Mexico. Quite frankly, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened earlier as I have everything a superstar needs. I have dashing good looks, a sad background story to make you cry, a social media presence, my own chauffeured car, a fashion forward wardrobe, an embarrassing exposé in the British ‘tabloids’, and a devoted staff of humans.

Finally, I was discovered, and the local news picked up the story. I wore my best rainbow tutu in honour of Pride month and my human embarrassed me by speaking in English during my debut on Mexican news. Luckily it was all about me, so people didn’t pay much attention to her.

The problem with fame is it is only fleeting. After all the excitement, the glory fades and I’m all alone again. The truth is that all you are left with is your friends. Before I was famous for five minutes, I made some wonderful human and dog friends at a shop called Kalai. The humans made me some beautiful collars and told me all about their artisan workshop where they specialise in bringing Yucatan designs to the world of dogs. I was so happy to hear from them when they sent me a message to let me know that my recent fame had inspired a design and they wanted me to see it.

You probably can’t tell, but that’s the real me on the left. Your left. My sticker is on the right

I’m not trying to brag here, but they made the coolest stickers ever using me as their model. A couple of my favourite photos – the one that made me momentarily famous, and another that was taken in the Kalai workshop – have been redesigned by the talented Mariana Flores Avila, and added to their selection of fun and fabulous stickers. 

Aren’t I pretty?

I decided we should pop by to visit because the Kalai workshop has moved. Not only that, but they have added a new dog to their family, and I was very excited to meet her. They already have a cute little guy called Ron. He’s kinda weird because he thinks he’s as big as I am but in reality, he barely reaches my knee. That’s strange, right? I keep trying to tell him, but he doesn’t believe me.

Pandora, channeling her inner Yucateca. Check out that collar!

I need to tell you about their newly adopted dog though, Pandora. She met us at the door and wow, she’s a bundle of spectacular floof. I’ve never seen a dog with so much hair and she is as tall as I am. She’s very stylish and when she bounces, her hair floats around her in slow motion. We had a fun playdate and I tried on a new collar. It’s not finished yet so I won’t ruin the surprise, but I’ll give you a hint to just look out for me in pink in the future. Only neutered dogs, confident in their masculinity look good in pink. Just sayin’.

If you want to check out Kalai’s workshop, meet the designer, and hang out with Ron and Pandora and check out some of their newest Yucatan inspired dog fashions, the best thing to do right now is to make an appointment. They are still in the process of building their new showroom space, so it’s probably best not to drop in unexpectedly.

If you’d like to browse some of their designs, and shop for your best four legged friend, or, even better buy a gift for your friend’s four legged friend, they are available at two dog friendly and fantastic outlets. Peruse some of Kalai’s most desirable designs at  Entrepiso Boutique in Paseo 60, or for an authentic Yucatecan shopping experience, pop down to La Casa de Donia Way, known for their authentic Yucatecan arts and crafts. 

Me again, and my new floofy friend, Pandora.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to share this, but Kalai have created a line of t-shirts for humans and matching apparel for dogs. This makes sense because once humans see Kalai designs, they want them for themselves. Of course, humans always think everything is about them, when the truth is it is always about us dogs. It always has been and always will be. So, go to Kalai and buy your dog something gorgeous. You may even find something for you both.

Contact for appointment at the new workshop

WhatsApp +52 999 214 3055



Kalai – New Location

Calle 40 con 19 # 522

Colonia Los Reyes,

Mérida Yucatán

C. P 97156

Handsome little Ron!

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