Telchac Puerto

The first time I ever saw a beach was in Telchac Puerto. We went during week so it would be quiet. I enjoyed walking on the dock and checking out the view with my humans. Then we went onto the beach.

The waves were not too big so I could get used to the new experience. At first I was quite frightened, but once I realised how fun it was, I wanted to swim and swim. There were lots of things to sniff and I made some new human friends. 

There were some stands on the beach serving food, which my humans shared with me. We all agree that the food was delicious. Because it was outside, I was allowed to sit with my humans, which was perfect.

There were little children there and since I like children very much I did not mind that they wanted to sit with me and pet me.

We could have walked a very long way on the beach but we all got tired too quickly. Telchac Puerto is definitely a good beach to visit during the weekdays for a nice, peaceful walk. Best of all, you can feed your humans while you are there.

Sir Rodders’ Top Tips for Beach Trips

  • Your humans should always have have fresh cool water you and a bowl to drink from. We can get dehydrated very quickly on the beach.
  • Your humans should always have you on the leash unless you are sure that there is no one around and you have complete control. 
  • Your humans should not let you swim freely unless you are very used to swimming in the sea. It does not take long for us to become disorientated, and it is very difficult for us to hear humans when they call us because of the wind and waves.
  • Your humans should always pick up your poop. 
  • Your humans need to make sure you do not drink the sea water. This can make us very sick.
  • Your humans must keep an eye on you for heat stroke and exhaustion. Sometimes dogs are so excited to be on the beach that humans will not notice we are in trouble until it is too late.
  • Give us plenty of rest in the shade. 
  • Watch out in case we eat or roll in disgusting things. We do not mind very much, but humans do not seem to enjoy it when we have upset tummies and stink.
  • Always rinse us in fresh water after a beach visit to get the salt and sand out of our fur. 

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