Training and Behaviour

If you love your dog, you know that training us to understand what you want from us is so important. Understanding our behaviour is also essential to having a wonderful life with us. That is why I have a training and behaviour section in my blog.

I will share articles and tips about training and behaviour for you and your dog and, if you want to train your puppy, you can look at our listings for puppy trainers. 

I will never knowingly suggest a trainer who does not use positive methods. We believe in science and the science says that positive methods are the most effective. This means that we will not suggest trainers who use equipment such as electric shock collars, pinch/prong collars, or choke chains. 

I want you and your dog to have a happy and healthy relationship based on understanding each other. If you have any questions about dog training, let me know and I’ll ask my smart human dog training friends.