Pet Friendly Ambassador Meets Pet Friendly Presidente (Almost) at the New Courtyard by Marriott Merida Downtown

Being the ambassador for all the best pet friendly news from Yucatan is a big responsibility, which I take very seriously. That’s why, when I heard that a major new hotel in Merida was pet friendly, I knew that I had to go and check it out. So, I’m delighted to share the news that the Courtyard by Marriott Merida Downtown has just opened and it has 208 luxury rooms to make sure that humans can enjoy comfort and first class facilities right in the heart of Merida. But that’s not what is important to me. 

Of course I want humans to be happy and get free wi-fi. What kind of dog doesn’t? Courtyard by Marriott Merida Downtown is pet friendly. And wow! They do it in style. When I arrived, I was greeted by the very friendly and kind General Manager, Herebito Jaime Bobadillo and some of his colleagues. They all scratched my ears, and told me I was handsome. Now that’s the way to win my doggy heart. He explained that the Marriott Merida Downtown is part of Grupo Presidente and is operated by Marriott Bonvoy ™, which sounds like a company just perfect for entertaining an ambassador such as myself. 

The General Manager gives me a special guided tour. I’m so glad I dressed up.

In fact, I heard a little bit of gossip about how they became pet friendly, and it makes them even more presidential, if you ask me. So, the story goes like this. US President Obama was coming to stay in Mexico for a summit in 2009 and this was his first visit to Mexico as US President. He was staying at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Mexico City, which is part of Grupo Presidente. It turns out that some of the US diplomats in attendance had pets. Well, being at the forefront of hospitality, even though it was quite a forward-thinking decision over a decade ago, they decided to take the plunge, and make their guests with two and four legs feel welcome. Ever since, all of their hotels have been pet friendly. So, this is one case where you humans can actually, kind of, blame it on Obama. Jajaja.

I wanted to find out more about the pet friendly policy of the hotel and Mr. Bobadillo was happy to show me around and explain everything. First of all, there is a small surcharge of $30USD per night for your pets, which includes dogs and cats,. Your pet is allowed in your room and on the fabulous rooftop terrace, but they are not allowed in the restaurant or bar areas. Never mind, because there is an incredible room service menu so that you can enjoy dinner with your human in your room. I should mention that there is a breathtaking view from the roof terrace and a big swimming pool in case your human fancies a dip.

I rarely post a photo when I am not in it, but I had to share the gorgeous view from the rooftop terrace.

Oh, but as if that weren’t enough. Wait until you hear this. They are going to be introducing a pet menu. This is my super duper news hound scoop. I will be letting you know when that is available, and I hope they will invite me to taste test some of the items they are offering (hint hint). If you and your human want to go out, you are just a stroll from some of Merida’s finest pet friendly restaurants. On Saturday mornings, only a couple of blocks away is the wonderfully pet friendly Slow Food Farmers’ Market, which is a great way to meet dogs, humans, find delicious food, and other locally made products. 

Can you imagine? Being able to stay with your human right in the heart of Merida, steps from the world famous Paseo de Montejo, where only the most fabulous dogs of Merida stroll in the shade of the trees on a Sunday morning. The hotel is just opposite Yucatán International Congress Center, is only 15 minutes from the airport, and most important, they provide pet owners with a guide to all the local parks, so you can enjoy meeting other dogs and sniffing around. I recommend Parque de Las Americas, which is nearby, large, and where all the cool canines hang out.

The hotel rooms are spacious and very comfortable. The hotel has a range of beds for dogs and cats. When they met me, they realised they might have to get some bigger beds though. Always glad to represent the big dogs, I tried to fit in the one they provided every way I could think of. The view is amazing from the room and I enjoyed watching the world go by from the window, which is floor to ceiling so that I didn’t have to jump up to look. They have thought of everything. I’m so proud of the Courtyard by Marriott Merida Downtown. They really are raising the bar and helping to make Yucatan the most pet friendly state in Mexico. 

Courtyard by Marriott Merida Downtown

Contact: +52 999 454 3000





Av. Colon #504

Centro 97000 Mérida

Sir Rodders’ Top Tips for Visiting Pet Friendly Hotels

  • Always make sure that your humans have checked that the hotel is pet friendly and that they are happy with their pet policies before you book. 
  • Make sure your humans let the hotel know that they are bringing a pet in advance. They may have to pay a surcharge or deposit in advance.
  • Your humans should only bring you to a pet friendly hotel if you are well socialised and trained. If you need some help with this, check out my ‘services’ section and talk to a professional. 
  • If you are aggressive towards or scared of dogs or people, please stay home. If you freak out, you might ruin it for the rest of us.
  • Make sure your humans keep you on the leash while you are in the hotel unless they are given permission for you to be off leash in specific areas.
  • Make sure your humans bring along your food, and bowls. If you have favourite toys or chews, they should bring those along too. 
  • If you prefer to sleep in your own bed or indoor kennel, get your humans to bring that with you.
  • If you are not confident about being left alone in unfamiliar places, make sure you human does not leave you alone in your room. 
  • Make sure your human gives you plenty of exercise and toilet breaks in approved areas only. 
  • Get your human to find out where all the best local dog friendly restaurants and activities are so that they can enjoy a great time with you.
  • If you will need to use an elevator (or a lift as my British human says), it’s important that you feel comfortable using them. If there are escalators at the hotel, make sure your human carries you. Dogs should not stand on escalators. It can be very dangerous.
  • If there are toiletries or plants within your reach, your human should make sure they are put in a safe place.
  • Of course, any mess you make must be cleaned up immediately.
  • Tell your humans to tip the housekeepers well.

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