Between the lines: english bookstore

Dogs read with their nose. Humans are far more complicated. They must write things for other people to read with their eyes. When I want to find out the story of another dog’s life, I sniff a tree, or a lamp post. When humans want to find out the story of another human’s life, they read a book. Luckily there is someone in Merida who is helping to make it easy for English speaking humans.

Juanita Stein is a lovely human who has opened a bookshop in Merida Centro called Between the Lines. You might be wondering why a dog would be telling you about a bookshop. Well, that is because both Juanita and her bookshop are dog friendly and that is a wonderful thing.

You see, the smartest humans have dogs and they also read books. So, anyone who has a friendly and well behaved dog is welcome in Between the Lines.

I came to visit because my human was getting a book signed by a very handsome gentleman named D.G. Heath.  He lives in Merida too, but he does not have a bookshop He writes books so that they can be sold in a bookshop. His last book was about big animals that drink lots of water. Camels, I think you call them. They are strange as they only have two toes.

Between the Lines is a wonderful place for humans who read in English or who are looking for cute and quirky gifts. As I have got such impeccable taste, I think I am allowed to tell you how beautiful and cozy the shop is. She has books about dogs, cats, and yes, even camels now. 

So, if your owner appears to be a bit bored, I would highly recommend that they need some mental stimulation. Take them down to Between the Lines and encourage them to do some reading. Just make sure you do not leave any messages for other dogs there. I have also been reassured by Juanita that you are unlikely to bump into a real camel there.

You can sniff out Between the Lines bookshop here:

Calle 62 No. 450 x 53 y 51, Local 4,

Centro Merida 97000

Yucatan, Mexico

You can take your human to visit the shop during these hours:

Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

Your human can call them on this number:

+52 999 242 3528

They can also EMAIL

You and your human can cuddle up on the sofa and follow all Between the Lines’ bookshop antics through these social media accounts:



They have a website too! 


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