Pet Friendly Villa in San Bruno

One of my favourite places to visit is San Bruno beach. During low tide it is gigantic and my humans are always so happy looking for shells.  When we visit San Bruno, we like to stay in a very special little pet friendly villa, run by Pepe Cicero, who also happens to run San Bruno Kite School. Apparently, I can’t learn to kiteboard because, well, I have no hands, but it is so fun watching humans fly in the air. 

The villa we stay in is a perfect spot to enjoy the beach and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a beach getaway with their dog. It’s two floors and has two comfortable bedrooms. The master bedroom has a terrace and super duper views of the sea. It has AC just in case you get hot, though the sea breeze tends to keep things comfortable, a very nice dipping pool, for humans to relax in while they sip their fun drinks, TV and Wifi. Your humans certainly will be comfortable and won’t get bored.

The property facing the beach does have a wall in front, but it is not closed in, so you might not want to let us loose out there without supervision. There is a hose for washing us down after we have been swimming in the sea, which is very helpful. All you need to do after that is give us a little towel down and let us lay in the sun. There is a table outside for your humans to enjoy eating al fresco and you just have to lay underneath and wait for them to share.

The kitchen has all the basics and Pepe is always happy to help out if there is something you need. There is a very nice caretaker and she takes care of everything so your humans will be super comfortable.

Because Pepe uses the villa on the weekends for his kite surfing school, he prefers to rent the villa on weekdays. I highly recommend it for dog loving people living in Merida who are looking for a little escape with their dog. Or, you can always contact them if you are interested in learning how to kite surf. If you find a dog who can do it, let me know!


Pepe Cicero

+52 999 163 9991

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