Hennessy’s Irish Pub

When I get thirsty, I go to a bowl of water and drink. When humans get thirsty, apparently, they go to somewhere called a pub. I discovered this the very first day I arrived in Merida, when my humans took me to an Irish pub on Paseo de Montejo called Hennessy’s. 

Once I arrived, I realised why they like it so much. First of all, and most importantly, it is pet friendly. The humans that own the pub are two very handsome (I should know because I am also handsome) human men called Sean (guess what his last name is) and Colm. If you are still guessing, you are not the brightest human. Sean’s last name is Hennessy, of course!

Sean and Colm love dogs and they believe that dogs make wonderful customers, especially when they bring their thirsty humans along. Hennessy’s Irish Pub is well known for the things it does for the community too. They are very good humans indeed and they hire super duper kind humans who always treat me like royalty. Of course, I know that I should always be treated like royalty, but not everyone understands that quite like they do at Hennessy’s.

Even though they do not have a special menu for dogs, I do not think they need one. I have tried many of the dishes they make for humans and I can guarantee they are good enough for dogs too. I love their fish and chips, though I do also enjoy their beef carpaccio very much. Most of all I love their tacos. They serve all the food you would expect to find in an Irish gastropub in Mexico, if that makes any sense at all. From curries to pot pies, kebabs to bangers and mash. 

Hennessy’s Irish Pub, its owners, and their team of well trained humans have won awards for being the Best Irish Pub in the Americas and Best Irish Pub Entertainment Experience. Apparently when pubs win awards, they do not have to walk around a ring in a show like dogs do.

Some of the other things I love, from a dog’s perspective, is that there are lots of outside tables, where I can watch the world go by. I also love Hennessy’s Irish Pub because they are unapologetically kind. They care about the people who work for them, the customers they serve, the community they live and work in, and about making the world a better place. 

I am happy to call Sean & Colm my friends and that only happened because they run the very best pet friendly Irish Pub in Yucatan. They also give excellent tummy rubs. 

You can find out more about Hennessy’s Irish Pub by: 

Visiting their website

Following them on Facebook

Or calling them: +52 999 923 8993

Hope to see you there one day. I can always help you finish your dinner, especially if it is tacos!

Sir Rodders’ Top Tips for Visiting Pet Friendly Places where Humans Eat and Drink

  • Always make sure that the place is pet friendly and that there is a place for you before you go. Some places have limited tables that are pet friendly, so reservations may be necessary.
  • Your humans should only bring you to a pet friendly restaurant, pub, or bar if you are well socialised and trained. If you need some help with this, check out my ‘services’ section and talk to a professional. 
  • If you are aggressive towards or scared of dogs or people, please stay home. If something happens because you freak out, you might ruin it for the rest of us.
  • Make sure your humans keep you on the leash.
  • Make sure your humans bring along a bowl for your water.
  • Do not beg from other tables. Their food may look delicious, but they probably will not want to share with you.
  • Make sure your humans give you breaks.
  • If you do not like a lot of noise, make sure your humans do not take you when live music is playing.
  • Make sure your humans do not tie you to a chair or table. If something happens that makes you move, you may turn everything over and make a mess. 
  • Even if you love children, it is a good idea not to sit close to them in a restaurant to keep you and them safe.
  • If you are older or are more comfortable with a bed, make sure your humans bring a blanket for you to lie on.
  • Of course, any mess you make must be cleaned up immediately.
  • Tell your humans to tip well.


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