Goodbye My Friend Fitz – You Were Always an Angel

Fitz was a special dog and I loved him. He was at least fifteen years old but, like me, no one knows for sure because his family adopted him. Fitz was a fine gentledog and he made friends with everyone he met, including me. Fitz never forgot his roots and I follow carefully in his much tinier footprints as I become a better spay and neuter ambassador.

Fitz helped his human to write a book earlier this year. That book has raised enough money to sterilise hundreds of dogs and so, Fitz’s legacy is that he will be saving the lives of dogs for generations to come. Because, well, there won’t be generations to come and that means fewer homeless dogs. 

Fitz was truly an angel on this earth, guiding his human on her adventures, inspiring her to help save dogs like him, and making so many people smile. So many smiles. Now, my friend Fitz, you have earned your wings. Your halo will always be wonky because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be yours.

I love you buddy. Don’t be offended if I say, ‘I hope I don’t see you too soon’. I’ve still got a lot more work to do before they make wings big enough for me. 

If you never got the chance to meet Fitz, but you want to support his work to save dogs’ lives, pop into Between the Lines or Hennessey’s Irish Pub and pick up a copy of his beautiful book, My Days – Inspiration from a Curious Dog. All money raised from this book goes to No Mas Perritos, a group that traps, sterilises, and releases stray dogs on the beach in Yucatan, and Albergue Franciscano del Animal Desprotegido A.C (AFAD), an animal welfare organisation who, in partnership with Planned Pethood Mexico, has already been responsible for over twenty thousand spay and neuter surgeries in Yucatan.

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