No Mas Perritos – Yucatan’s Spay and Neuter Beach Heroes

If you are reading this, you love animals. So, you are going to love hearing about this incredible organisation, who are just the sort of spay and neuter heroes, who deserve our support.

Yucatan has a problem with dog and cat overpopulation. Wait a minute. Let me correct that. Yucatan has a problem with humans who are not being responsible dog and cat owners. I was a lucky street dog. My humans fell in love with me and adopted me and now they have given me a voice. So, I want to help to make Yucatan a place where all dogs and cats have a loving home and that can only be done through education and sterilisation.

That is why I admire the kind humans at No Mas Perritos, Community Spay and Neuter Programme so very much. They help to reduce the number of stray, abandoned, neglected, and unwanted dogs in the beach areas near Chelem by doing something called trap, neuter, and return. You might wonder why, once they have trapped a dog, they would return it instead of putting into a shelter. I will try to explain.

When there are too many homeless dogs, there is only one way to reduce that population and that is by spaying and neutering them. There are no shelters big enough and not enough money to house all of the homeless dogs in Yucatan. Because there are so many, if you remove dogs from one area, new dogs will soon move in. By trapping, neutering, and returning, it is easier to control the local population without new dogs, that are not spayed or neutered moving in, having more puppies, and making it grow. A local population of healthy, spayed, and neutered dogs is much easier to manage than dogs that are constantly making more and more puppies. Of course, if puppies are born, they will do their best to get to them early enough to get them into new homes. 

Sterilising the dogs not only reduces the population but prevents them from spreading Canine TVT, which is a deadly sexually transmissible cancer. I had this type of cancer and had to go through chemotherapy because no one had neutered me when I was young.

On the 31st of March, No Mas Perritos did a big puppy spay and neuter clinic. Around twenty-one puppies were sterilised. They were from the boat yard area. The mothers have been spayed and returned. The puppies were taken care of until they were old enough to be spayed and neutered so that they are ready to be adopted. 

The dogs that No Mas Perritos neuter and return are fitted with green collars so they can be easily identified and so that their volunteers can monitor their health and welfare. They are also tattooed. So, if you are in one of the beach areas of Yucatan and you see a dog wandering around with a green collar, it has probably been trapped, neutered, and returned by this wonderful organisation.

I would very much love for you to support this important work by donating to No Mas Perritos. You can do this through their Paypal . By donating, you will be helping to make Yucatan more pet friendly!

Follow the stories of their work and the dogs that they help on their Facebook page.


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