Doing Sits at Benefits with Fitz – Raising funds for pet sterilisation in Yucatan

This weekend was not like other weekends. This weekend I had to get dressed up for a super special event that my buddy Fitz was holding. If you remember, I wrote an article about the book that Fitz and his human and her friends had created. Fitz is such a handsome little dog that he is almost like a work of art. This inspired his human to take photos of him everywhere in Merida. The photos were so special that they just had to be made into a book. 

Fitz Sits!

Fitz is like me, except much smaller, greyer, not brown, but very fuzzy. What we have in common is that we are passionate about spaying and neutering. We are both rescued dogs and have wonderful homes. We want homes for all the dogs and cats in Yucatan. The only way to do that is to make sure that people sterilise their pets. But not everyone can afford that and not all dogs have people who care for them. So, there are wonderful groups out there like No Mas Perritos (read about them here), who trap, neuter, and return stray dogs in the beach areas of Yucatan, and Albergue Franciscano del Animal Desprotegido AC (AFAD), who provide subsidised spaying and neutering services for pets who have homes. 

Anyway, lets get down to the nitzy Fitzy. On Sunday, Fitz held a massive sale of his new book. His humans and their friends all helped. Like the lovely men at Hennessy’s Irish Pub, Sean & Colm, and the lovely sensational singing siren Gina Osorno, and her band, The Dreamers. I’m sure there were other humans involved who helped a lot too. I want to give you all four paws up, wags, and woofs! 

This is what happens when handsome and famous dogs get together.

Here’s the especially important bit. Fitz, his human, and their book raised a grand total of $79,200 MXP. That’s a whole lot of snipping that’s going to happen right here in Yucatan. If that weren’t good enough news, I have more for you.

If you didn’t make it to the event, you’re probably kicking yourself. If you’re not kicking yourself, you should be kicking yourself. If you’re still not kicking yourself, bend over human and let me kick you. You missed the chance to meet the indomitable Fitz, get a personally pawed book, enjoy the incredible company of fellow animal lovers, and you missed Gina Osorno and the Dreamers.

But you didn’t. No. You have another chance because Fitz will be pawing books on Sunday the 18th of July at Volta Café (one of those pet friendly eateries I still need to review) and Between the Lines, the pet friendly bookshop. And! Gina Osorno and The Dreamers will be playing live.

Fitz Sits Again!

Fitz’s human told us a special secret as well. If you buy a book there, Fitz will buy you a drink. Doesn’t get better than that humans. So, go hither, buy a book, get it pawed by Fitz, get a drink, know you’re contributing to a truly important cause, and boogie on down to some excellent music between 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm. Don’t forget to bring your muzzle. I mean, your mask.

Bye the way, if you’re reading, it was good to see you Fitz. Your butt smelled nice.

Just one of the many wonderful photos you’ll find in Fitz’s book, My Days, Inspiration From A Curious Dog. You need this book!


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