Taxi Sir Rodders? Yes, Please – A Taxi Service for Pets in Merida

When my humans adopted me and became my family, I was not a puppy. I was a full sized Sir Rodders. It always makes me laugh, jajaja,  when we meet people who have only seen photos of me. Their first words are ‘I had no idea he was so big!’ and it was no different when we met the people from Pet Móvil Merida, especially when I hopped into the back of their taxi. Then again, I’m so handsome, I make every car look good.

When my humans adopted me, there were no pet taxis and even the pet friendly human taxis didn’t want to take me because I am so big, so they had to get me my very own car, the Rodders Mobile. I’m kind of glad Pet Móvil Merida weren’t around then because I love my car, but I’m so happy that they are around now for all the other pets, whose humans don’t have a car to drive them around in.

Three friends, Leonardo, Cristina, and Luis launched Pet Movil Merida in May this year. Luis explained. “Pet Móvil was born as a personal project to raise awareness of the value, care and respect that animals deserve.” They sound like the perfect pet chauffeurs. 

I was curious to check out this new pet taxi service, so I arranged to meet with them. Luis was very proud to tell me about their service. “Pets can be transported where there are toys, bed, water and air conditioning for comfort when being transported to the mall, beach, to visit another home, to hotel, parks, and veterinarian.” 

Now that sounds like a first class and it seemed like they had thought of everything. They also make sure to disinfect the vehicle between each trip so that all of their clients stay fit and healthy. I follow them on Facebook and they share stories about the animals they transport as well as important updates, local pet news, and information on caring for pets. I was especially happy to see that they help transport adopted animals to their new home.

Pet Móvil Merida serves Merida and the surrounding areas. I suspect that their service may grow pretty quickly as so many of my friends tell me that their humans have been looking for a service like this. It will be fun to see pet taxis driving all over Yucatan state. We can all wave to each other and share stories about our road trips.

Pet Móvil Merida recommend that if you want the best service that you make your booking at least one hour in advance, so don’t leave it to the last minute unless you want your pet to be unfashionably late for their appointment. Make sure that you give Pet Móvil Merida accurate details about the pick up and drop off locations as the quote they will give you will be according to the kilometrage provided by Google maps. If your dog wants to stop somewhere to pick up some tacos, like I would, you need to let them know about that too.

Let them know if your dog is sick, especially if it may have the squirts (diarrhea if you prefer), or anything else wrong with it. Oh, and if you have to cancel, give them at least 30 minutes notice. Otherwise, you are going to have to pay 50% of the quoted price and no one will get any tacos.  If your pet is taking a long time getting ready for their trip, Pet Móvil Merida will wait for up to 15 minutes, but after that, they are going to lose their ride and you’re still going to have to pay 50% so it’s a good idea to let them know that they need to be ready. 

If you have any other special request, just let them know. Us dogs can just sniff each other’s butts, but you humans have to communicate in words. Use your words humans. It makes life easier for all of us. Unless you want to sniff each other’s butts instead. I recommend it. Jajaja 


WhatsApp/Phone +52 999 308 4634




  1. I’m very happy to use your service for my 3 best furry friends when I arrive to Merida 💕🐾🐾🐩🐾🐾🐩🐩💝🐩🐩


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