Roo-ving Report on Dog Physiotherapy in Merida

Hola a todos!!  This is Roo, your ROO-ving reporter!

My friend Rodders and I are somewhat, ahem, senior doggos. Our humans get really sad when they see us not jumping and playing like we used to, but really, that’s kid stuff! We “more experienced” canines like to take it easy- lots of naps and tacos and more naps. Oh! And massages!

I have a painful spine, because of something called “Spondylosis.” I’m not really sure what it is, exactly, but my doctor says I have bone spurs on my spine, and they are why I am in pain sometimes. Painful bones?? I’m not sure I want to chew that kind of bone, would you?

My humans have been taking me for long rides in the Big Red Truck! Going for rides is my all-time favorite thing to do. I love hanging my head out the window on Paseo Montejo and looking at everything. Oh, the smells!!!  (Except the really big dogs that pull carriages- apparently, they are called horses) those dogs are freaks of nature and I do not like them. I bark at them until my humans threaten to put the window up. Sigh.

Once a week, we go to Doctor Carlos at WagsnWhiskers. I always jump right on the scale because that’s what they want me to do, plus, I can show off how wonderfully fit and svelte I am!

When we go to “PT,” I get to see the pretty lady, Doctor Bricia. She starts out by loving on me and telling me how pretty I am (I do already know this, but I like to hear it!). Then we get on the floor, and she massages me all over. This makes me really relaxed and happy. It feels great on my muscles and joints, so I lie there while she does the next part. All the humans have to wear sunglasses for this part. I think I should get a pair too because I am super cool. Anyway, the doctor lady drags this thing called an ultrasound around all over my body. It feels warm, but in a good way.

While my humans ask the doctor a million questions, I get to lie there and get a warm ultrasound. I’ve tried to listen for it, because they say that dogs have great hearing, but I think it must be REALLY Ultra, because I cannot hear anything.  This is supposed to improve blood flow and circulation, and that reduces pain. I just like that it makes me feel good.

Next, Dra Bricia applies these square sticker wiry things on me. Sadly, I had to get shaved for this- I guess you could say that I have a really unique fade! Anyway, she turns a machine on, and little baby electrical impulses get sent to my tissues. It sounds scary, but trust me…It’s wonderful! This is used to stimulate my muscles, build strength, and reduce pain. It’s a bit weird at first, but I love it.

We finish off my PT (Why do they call it PT? I am not really supposed to pee while I’m in there.) I get another little massage and lots of cuddles and love from the lady doctor and Dr Carlos. My humans always seem happy when I feel better, so they are always happy when we are done.

Finally, we get to go for ANOTHER ride in the Big Red Truck! Sometimes, we get ice cream. Sometimes, I get to yell extra loud at the freak of nature big dogs on Paseo. Sometimes, I just feel so good that I smile with my head out the window, smelling marquesitas and tacos, and feeling a lot less painful.

Credit for images and text to Reheena Roo. We are so grateful for humans and their dog when they volunteer to contribute to Pet Friendly Yucatan. Four paws up and a wag of the tail (and some boops).

Details about Wags ‘n Whiskers Veterinary Hospital can be found in our very special veterinary listings.


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