Parque Las Americas

Parque Las Americas can be found in Colonia Garcia Gineres in Merida. Some humans suggest it is the most beautiful park in the city. It definitely a big park for Merida and covers four whole block, separated by streets.

I particularly like visiting there because there are so many interesting things to look at and climb on. There are fountains, murals, a Maya dwelling, tall columns representing the nations of the Americas, sculptures and a big fancy acoustic theatre where you can see all sorts of cultural events for humans. As a dog, our main cultural event is sniffing and I don’t think many people would come to watch us. But I do like to pose there. It is a stage fit for a star like me. 

There is a special section just for human puppies…I mean kids. There is even a library there where they tell stories in the afternoons. 

It is definitely a park all humans should take their dogs to visit. It is fun, there is plenty to sniff and lots of space. Maybe I will see you and your humans there some time!

Sir Rodders’ Top Tips for Walking in Public Parks

  • Your humans should always keep you on the lead in a public park. Not only is it safer for you and everyone else but it is the law. 
  • Your humans must pick up any poops you do. 
  • Your humans should not let you bother other dogs or humans unless everyone agrees. Some dogs are scared of other dogs and some humans are scared of dogs. 
  • Your humans should make sure you are fully vaccinated and wormed before taking you to the park. This will keep you and everyone else safe and healthy. 
  • Your humans should keep a careful eye out in case you pick up something you should not eat. 
  • On hot days your humans should give you plenty of shade and have cold fresh water and a bowl for you. It is better to walk before 10 am and after 3 pm.
  • Make sure your humans read the signs in the park and follow the rules.