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Vaccinations Are Not Just for Humans – Free Rabies Vaccination Campaign in Yucatan Announced

From September 19th – 26th The Yucatan Ministry of Health will be distributing free anti rabies vaccines for your dogs and cats. It is important for the health and welfare of your pets as well as the community to make sure that your pets are up to date with their rabies vaccinations.

On the 19th of September a list of locations, where you can get your pet vaccinated will be announced through the media and on social networks. We will be reporting on that information as it becomes available.

Rabies vaccinations will be made available to any healthy dog or cat over one month in age. Sick, pregnant, or lactating animals will not be eligible for vaccination. These vaccines last for one year, so will need to be renewed annually.

According to Dr. Daly Gabino Martínez , State Coordinator for Zoonoses, in Yucatán, there have been no cases of human rabies for 23 years, however, the presence of this disease in wild and production animals is a reason not to lower our guard. “Taking care of our dogs and cats is our responsibility,” he concluded.

Please make sure your friends and neighbours with pets are made aware of this vaccination programme by sharing this article.

Photo credit  Ministry of Health of Yucatán (SSY)

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