Going Nuts for Sterilisation 

Sterilisation is all the rage. Didn’t you know that human? Not you! Well, you can if you want, but what I’m talking about is spaying and neutering. In fact, if you looked around Yucatan right now, you’d think it had been raining cats and dogs. You might even think there was a hurricane. Everywhere you look, you will find a puppy or kitten in need of a loving human family. It seems never ending.

Well humans, I’m here to tell you that there is an ending to this tail and is all starts with a little bit of snippety snipping. Paws up, everyone who wants Yucatan to be the most pet friendly state in Mexico. No. Wait. The world! Of course you do. So, we need to get on that sterilisation train and support those, who are in the frontline, whipping out gonads and uteri. 

So, allow me to introduce to you my sterilisation celebration this week. Spay and neuter TV superstar Dr. Jeff from Planned Pethood International and our very own Dr. Tony, veterinario extraordinaire, from Planned Pethood Mexico joined forces with the quite incredible Franciscan Shelter of the Unprotected Animal AC (AFAD) to undertake a spay and neuter clinic last weekend, which just happened to be Dr. Jeff’s birthday.

Imagine a human who, for his 65th birthday, decides to wrangle up a group of promising veterinary students from the University of Colorado and bring them to Mexico for a whistle-stop tour of dog and cat testicles and ovaries. Well, that’s Dr. Jeff for you. First, he took them to the Planned Pethood International training centre in Puerto Morales and combined that visit with a quick spay and neuter clinic in Playa del Carmen. The next day he brought his team of animal superheroes in training to Merida to join forces with Dr. Tony and the team at AFAD.

AFAD is Planned Pethood International’s chosen partner in Yucatan. They work together towards the goal of making sterilisation a priority in animal welfare. Two years ago, AFAD was provided with funding by Dogs Trust, a UK based dog charity, where one of my humans used to work, to build a purpose built sterilisation clinic. These facilities are top notch and make it possible for AFAD to offer ongoing subsidised sterilisation services for local cats and dogs. In fact, they offer a subsidised clinic every week. 

Anyway, getting back to the clinic last weekend. A whopping 45 dogs and cats where sterilised on the 14th of April in Cholul. Do you humans realise the impact of that? One unspayed female cat can be responsible for 420,000 kittens and one unspayed female dog can result in 99,000 dogs in seven years. This is why it is so important for all of you humans to try to get every dog and cat you know spayed and neutered. Not everyone understands how important it is and many people don’t know that they can always access subsidised sterilisation. I will be putting some information about that below. If they can’t afford the costs of subsidised sterilisation, maybe you and some of your friends can help.

I’m just one dog. I need all of you humans to help to make Yucatan pet friendly. We can do this!

Thank you Dr. Tony! Thank you Dr. Jeff! Thank you superhero animal heroes in training! Thank you AFAD!  Most of all, thank you humans for reading my article.

AFAD – Low cost cat and dog sterilisation

To register your pet for their weekly spay and neuter clinic, you can contact them through their Facebook page .

Planned Pethood Mexico – Low cost cat and dog sterilisation 

Planned Pethood offers low cost sterilisation through their clinic in Merida Centro. You can arrange an appointment for your pet by calling them at +52 999 944 2310

For more information on low cost sterilisation clinics, please check out our Pet Friendly Yucatan Spay & Neuter page.

If you have information on other spay and neuter clinics or subsidised programmes in Yucatan, please let us know so I can add them to the list. 


  1. In Quintano Roo, Isla Mujeres offers a FREE Spay/Neuter Clinic every Thursday at Island Animals Veterinary
    Clinic. In November they hold a FREE Spay/ Neuter Clinic. In 2021 in four days 1462 dogs and cats were given the gift of no more kittens or puppies.


    1. Well done to Quintana Roo. Maybe Yucatan and Quintana Roo could have a race to see which state can be the most pet friendly. What a wonderful competition that would be because everyone would win! Please send my (Sir Rodders’) love to all the wonderful humans at Island Animals Veterinary on Isla Mujeres. Maybe I can come and visit some day. Boops to you Lea!


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