Driving Sir Rodders – Pet Friendly Taxi in Merida

I smell tacos on the gentle breeze

I just love going for a drive. Don’t you? I love the feel of my ears flapping in the wind and smelling all the smells of tacos as I watch the world go by. Because I’m so large, my humans had to get me a car. But not all dogs and cats are as lucky as I am. Luckily, I’m here to help. Meet Dali!

It’s a pleasure to meet you Dali.

Dali Acosta is a hard-working professional driver. When she is not working for Uber, she’s safely transporting her private clients from place to place. Dali is not unlike many drivers in Merida except there’s one big difference – she’s a pet friendly driver. She also speaks great English, so it’s lucky I’m a bilingual dog.

So many people in with pets in Merida and the surrounding areas have a hard time getting from place to place with their furry family members if they don’t have a car. I’ve written about pet transportation before, but I also hear that there just aren’t enough drivers who are proud to share with the world that they are pet friendly.

I just need to get my car safety harness on and I’ll be ready to go

Dali can take your dog or cat to the vet or take you on a pet friendly excursion with your pet. She is a very sweet human being and just loves animals. Of course, she doesn’t just work with dogs and cats, she has a Costco membership, can do your shopping for you, and is happy to drive you just about anywhere you want to go.

There’s one other special thing about Dali – she’s a woman driver. This may not sound special as there a lot of women in the world, but it is because sometimes people just feel safer with a woman driver for a lot of different reasons, and it’s good for humans to have choices.

Are we going for tacos?

So, if you are looking for a friendly and conscientious pet loving driver, Dali may just be the human you’re looking for.

To contact Dali, you can call her or WhatsApp her on +52 999 9024541 – Tell her Sir Rodders sent you.


  1. Thank you, Sir Rodders, for the tip on pet-friendly rides. I need it! i had to take Tommy to the vet a few times, but I always had someone come with me who could hold him. Then I tried to drive myself, alone with Tommy, and I almost had to pull over and flag a taxi. I tried getting a vest for Tommy, but he managed to struggle out of it, whimpering. I try to find a partner to hold him now. He wants to drive! Now I have a taxi that works for him and for me. Your friend,Maryetta


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